Valentine’s Day Fry Color Key

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Download these free Valentine’s Day Fry Color Key Worksheets to add fun, themed sight word practice to your classroom.

Download these free Valentine's Day Fry Color Key Worksheets to add fun, themed sight word practice to your classroom.

This is another free resource from teachers and families from The Curriculum Corner.

Your children will enjoy these Valentine’s Day Fry Color Key Worksheets.

If you are looking for new ways to help your children practice sight words, these Fry word pages will be perfect!

These sight word worksheets contain the first 100 Fry words.

They are like color by number pages but instead of math skills, they are focused on Fry words.

If you are new to sight word instruction in your classroom, you might want to begin by learning a little more by reading this Introduction to Sight Words.

As you are developing a Fry Word program in your classroom, many questions you have can be answered in this Introduction to Fry Words.

About this Fry Word Set

This set of sight word worksheets will be a fun addition to your classroom. They are great for children who enjoy coloring. These pages provide word work practice along with fine motor skill practice.

Use these worksheets as a fun way to engage children in sight word practice that is often not fun.

These pages have a Valentine’s Day theme. Students will find hearts, candy, flowers and other treats.

Using these Valentine’s Day Color Key Pages

As students get started, have them color the crayons to create their key. Once the key is colored, have children begin searching for the words and coloring.

There are a total of 6 worksheets. Children will work with all 100 of the first set of Fry words on these pages.

Along with the pages for coloring, there is also an answer key to make it easy for you to check work with a quick glance.

You can download these free worksheets here:

Sight Word Download

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