Introduction to Fry Sight Words

If you are new to using Fry Sight Words in your classroom, begin by learning a little more here.

Fry Word Resources

Add this free collection of resources from to your classroom collection

This collection of Fry Word Resources offers you a complete set of materials for developing a sight word plan in your classroom.

Why do I need a sight word plan?

Planning out how you will introduce and teach sight words in your classroom will lead to instruction that has a clear goal.

Setting this goal will keep you as the teacher focused.

It will help parents and students understand the expectations.

This will allow parents to assist their children in meeting their goals. Also, students are often motivated by seeing their progress towards their end goal.

If you are looking to learn more about sight words, start here: About Sight Words.

I’ve chosen to focus on Fry Words as my sight word list for my classroom. Now what?

Who in your classroom needs sight word instruction?

Is it necessary or helpful for all or most of your students? If so, your plan might look different from the teacher who feels that two or three students would benefit from a sight word intervention.

Many kindergarten and first grade classrooms will find that most students will benefit from a complete classroom plan.

In second grade classrooms, it might be dependent on your students. If the majority of your students are reading on or above grade level and making good reading progress, you might find that only a few of your students need pinpointed sight word instruction. The same is true in third grade and above.

Getting Started

If you are unsure what is best for your students, start with these Fry Word Lists or Fry Word Checkboxes. (click the text to download the free PDFs)

Here is a guideline for which Fry Words should be mastered in each grade level:

Kindergarten Sight WordsFry Words 1 – 50
1st Grade Sight WordsFry Words 1 – 100
2nd Grade Sight WordsFry Words 101 – 200
3rd Grade Sight WordsFry Words 201 – 300
4th – 5th Grade Sight WordsFry Words 301 – 1,000

Use the guideline above to help you know what words your students should already have mastered.

In kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, it is appropriate to begin with the first list of Fry words and provide all students with direct instruction.

In second grade classrooms, you will have some students still working on the first 100 words while others are starting the second 100 words. Other students will be on the 3rd list and others will be fluent readers who can read most of the Fry words without help.

You can find your free Fry Word Checklists here:

Fry Word Checklists

This Fry Word Collection will soon grow to include the following:

  • Fry Word Cards
  • Fry Word Games
  • Fry Word Worksheets

Thank you for visiting! All of the resources provided are free for classroom and home use. Resources may not be sold or modified and sold. Please send me a message if you have any questions.

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  1. Your stuff is awesome. Thank you so much for putting it online and for free. I cannot wait to use the rhyming word paths with my kindergarten students (if we ever go back to school).

      1. Your resources are stunning and so useful in a mainstream classroom.Resources and funds aren’t always easy to come by.Your gift of these resources is like Christmas at any time of the year for teachers.Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you so much for accepting me. Your worksheets are amazing. Learners will be eager to work using them. Once again thank you.

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