Synonym Word List

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Download this free synonym word list to help you when you are teaching synonyms in the classroom.

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This printable synonym word list is being offered to help you with your planning and teaching.

What are synonyms?

Synonyms are words that mean exactly the same or close to the same thing.

An example of a synonym pair is always and forever.

Synonyms are often introduced in second grade although some first grade classrooms will be ready.

When introducing synonyms you might start with words like big and large or tiny and small.

You will continue to work on synonyms as a way to help your students improve their word choice during writing.

In the classroom this is a skill you can quickly review. When you write a model sentence, choose a word and have students name any synonyms they can think of.

Synonym Word List

ill / sicktired / sleepy
small / tinyexit / leave
clever / smartsniff / smell
shout / yelllarge / big
present / giftmad / angry
chef / cookcar / auto
false / untruesack / bag
reply / answerfunny / silly
strange / oddlisten / hear
speak / talkhouse / home
leap / jumpgarbage / trash
crash / accidentwoman / lady
rest / relaxinfant / baby
stop / ceaseshut / close
raise / liftshop / store
hard / difficultbucket / pail
possess / ownsee / look
above / overalike /same
happy / gladfast / quick
under / belowstone / rock
near / closehat / cap

You can download a printable version of this word list here:

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