Printable Punch Cards for Kids

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Download these free printable punch cards for kids to help motivate your children as we head back to school.

This is another free printable PDF for families and teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Use these free, printable punch cards for kids to help create organization and motivation as we head into the new school year.

I’ve seen many parents talking about ways to make this virtual school year look different from last spring. Some children struggled with motivation and carry through of school work.

Since we know ahead of time that many classrooms will be virtual for at least part of the year, planning ahead might help children and parents.

One tool that can be used to help children are punch cards.

Download these free printable punch cards for kids to help motivate your children as we head back to school.

How can I use punch cards to motivate my child?

Begin by picking a punch card that fits your student. The download I have created contains a range of themes so you will hopefully be able to find one that will fit your child’s likes.

The designs include the following: I Wanna Be a Unicorn, Camping, Mermaids, Llamacorns, Under the Sea, Sharks, Space, Dragons, Unicorn Sweets, Ballet and Gamer. There is also a chore themed card set.

Once your child has chosen their design, sit down and set a goal together.

Will the goal be getting up and ready for their zoom meeting on time? Showering and eating breakfast first? Work completion and engagement might be other options.

If everything was a struggle last spring, start small! Set one goal at a time. Once your child has seen success, move on to a new goal.

Make sure to not only set a goal but also talk about the reward received upon completion of the punch card. Are they rewarded with a new book, screen time or something else that is desired? The reward received has to be something your child wants but it doesn’t have to expensive! Maybe even special time together baking cookies or painting nails could be a reward.

These punch cards are being shared in color and in black and white.

You can download these free punch cards for kids here:

Color Download

Black & White Download

Looking for other resources to help you at home? Try these freebies:

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