Beginning Consonant Blends

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Help your students master beginning consonant blends by adding this free collection to your classroom resources.

This download for beginning consonant blends contains a variety of options including worksheets and literacy centers.

This collection will benefit your students as they are introduced to beginning blends.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Help your students master beginning consonant blends by adding this free collection to your classroom resources.

What is a consonant blend?

A consonant blend is a group of two or three letters without vowels in between them.

The letters come together to make one smooth sound. This grouping of letters is sometimes called a consonant cluster.

For this collection I am focusing on helping students master l blends, r blends and s blends.

About these resources

Within this set you will find a range of materials.

Begin by introducing blends and their sounds during a class meeting.

You can then use these printables to help you create literacy centers focusing on phonics sounds.

Follow up the exploration of blends with the range of printable practice pages and worksheets you will find.

Consonant blends assessments

Use the assessment pages for pre and post assessments as needed.

You will find a page that contains three blend lists of 12 words. These focus on l blends, r blends and s blends.

Students will use the recording page – you will find two. One page is for students to simply record the blend they hear. The second has room for writing the entire word.

The teacher will read the list of words. Students will record what they hear.

Cards for sorting consonant blends sounds

These colorful cards can be used to help students sort words by blends. You will find cards with the blends listed, picture cards and word cards.

You can use these sorting cards in a range of ways.

Give students the picture cards beginning with blends you are working on and determine which category they each fall into.

Other students might benefit from sorting the word cards.

Students can also match the word and picture cards.

You will also find recording pages for when you would like to check student progress.

Find the blend

Use the word cards for this activity.

Students choose a card from the word sort stack. 

They then write the word and put a box around the blend. 

You could add a little fun to this activity by providing students with colorful markers or a different variety of writing utensils.

Blend Word Map  

Before copying, put a blend in the middle of the map. 

Then, work as a whole class or students work in small groups to write words in the spaces around the blend. 

You could do one for each blend you study and create a blend dictionary by stapling them all together.


Students use the blend listed in the blender and the endings surrounding the blender to create words. 

Some of the endings will create real words, others will not. 

Students will determine which words are real and which are made up.

You can download this free consonant blends word work set here:

Phonics Download

Need an option that includes explanations of each word? This list contains the meaning along with clues to help your students remember.

Understanding Commonly Confused Words List

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