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Looking for a reading log alternative? Try this free, interactive twist on reading logs collection.

Looking for a reading log alternative? Try this free, interactive twist on reading logs collection.

This is another free resource for teachers and families from

This reading log alternative is a fun way to add a twist to reading at home.

Often teachers assign a weekly reading log. The log requires students to read a certain amount of minutes and then they are asked to write about what they are reading.

I’ve done this is in the past. I would always ask my students to read each night instead of having them complete worksheets. I felt that what I really wanted them to do was to read in order to find a love of reading.

In theory, it sounds great. However, it often turns into a chore. That was not my goal! I wanted them to spend this time learning to love reading.

Given students an amount of time to read and making them read doesn’t mean this reading practice will engage them. A child might spend 20 minutes with a book but not be engaged and really working on becoming a better reader.

As teachers and parents we want to find ways to help children get excited about their reading. We want them to look forward to that time spent with a favorite book.

How this Alternative Reading Log Collection Came About

So I understand that a reading log doesn’t automatically mean a child will be engaged with the reading. It will just make reading one more task that children have to do.

I had this thought and then I connected with Ekuwah Moses and she shared her twist on a traditional reading log. It was perfect!

It encouraged children to read a wide selection of books in different spaces and with different audiences. And best of all, it was fun for kids.

Take a look at her 100 Ways to Raise a Reader checklist. It is wonderful, plus it is available in Spanish.

This is a great resource because it helps children become excited about their reading.

Reading Cards & Reading Logs

I’ve used her ideas as a springboard for creating a new, interactive way for children to read in different ways. Think of this content as an alternative to the traditional reading log you might share with families.

This newest resource can be downloaded by teachers and sent home for students to share with their families. It is a unique approach to the traditional reading log.

If you are a parent looking for a new way to get your children to love reading at home, you might want to download this yourself for your own use.

This set includes:

Reading Cards You can print the color or black and white version. Laminate the cards for durability and cut apart. Children will then have a deck of cards.

When it is time to read, they can draw a card from the deck. The cards are coded so that children might choose to create three stacks. They can choose a type of reading, a place to read and who (or what) to read to.

There is a page of blank cards at the end so that students can add their own.

Reading Records These pages can replace the traditional reading log. They are meant to be a fun response for children that will be quick. Have your students choose the page that fits how they would like to respond.

Some pages involve drawing pictures while other involve simply checking boxes. Others will ask children to record the cards they chose.

You can download these free resources here:

Colorful Reading Cards

Black & White Reading Cards

Reading Records

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