Winter Mazes for Children

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Download and print this collection of free winter mazes to use as a fun activity for your children.

This is another free resource for teachers and families from

I’ve created this free set of winter mazes to offer your children during the wintery months.

This set of winter themed worksheets will be a fun addition to your classroom or home. The winter months can become cold and boring for children – hopefully these pages will be engaging at this time.

Download and print this collection of free winter mazes to use as a fun activity for your children. Created by

Why should children work on mazes?

Mazes are fun for children but there are also many benefits beyond entertainment.

One skill practiced is hand eye coordination. Children need to carefully follow a path while staying in the lines.

Mazes can offer a way to practice problem solving as they search to find the correct path to the end.

Children can enjoy these as a morning entry task or maybe for a brain break during work time.

If you are stuck with indoor recess and can’t offer students your traditional games and toy, mazes might be an option they will enjoy.

About these winter mazes

This download contains a cover page along with 11 maze pages.

You can print individual pages or print them all front to back in order to make a maze book.

There are a range of difficulty levels in these mazes. Some might be too easy for your students and others might be too difficult.

If you want to create a center using these pages, you can print the mazes on card stock Next, laminate the pages and add a dry erase marker.

You can download this free set of winter mazes here:

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