Why is it important for readers to work on fluency?

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Do you know why it is important for readers to work on fluency?

As you work on fluency with your readers, remember, there are many reasons why it is important!

There are many reasons why you should help your students develop their reading fluency.

It can be an important skill to work on at all age levels!

Do you know why it is important for readers to work on fluency?

Why is working on fluency important for readers?

Fluency helps readers with the following skills:

  1. Comprehension
  2. Speed
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Confidence

Are you familiar with the ways these skills can lead to children becoming better readers?

Working on building fluency with www.freewordwork.com

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  1. Comprehension: Fluent reading is an essential part of comprehension. When a child is able to read fluently, they can focus more on understanding what they are reading. Struggling readers shift their focus to decoding individual words. Instead of trying identify the main ideas and important details, they are using their brain to form words.
  2. Speed: Fluent readers can read faster, this allows them to cover more material in a shorter amount of time. As students get older, they are expected to read and process large amounts of information quickly. The ability to read quickly can help children be more efficient in their reading.
  3. Vocabulary: Being a fluent reader can give children the ability to focus on learning new vocabulary words. When a child is able to read quickly and accurately, they can identify unfamiliar words and use context clues to determine their meanings. Of course, being able to focus on vocabulary over sounding out words can also help develop reading comprehension.
  4. Confidence: Fluency is also important for building a child’s confidence and motivation to read. When a child struggles with reading, it can be frustrating and discouraging. However, when they are able to read fluently, they feel more confident in their abilities and are more likely to enjoy reading. Hopefully having a positive experience while reading, can help children develop a lifelong love of learning and lead to academic success.

You will find many ideas for children to work on developing fluency on www.freewordwork.com.

One popular item is the fluency sentences. These can be used to fit with your current focus in the classroom.

Currently, you will find fluency passages for learning about the weather. Additional topics will soon be added!

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  1. When teaching English as a second language, I always stress to parents to focus on fluency rather than ability. Just because they are able to read doesn’t mean they will gain fluency, they need to engage with the text.

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