Weather Cut-Up Sentences

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Use these weather cut-up sentences to help students practice forming sentences.

Students will enjoy practicing sentence structure using these weather cut-up sentences.

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Use these weather cut-up sentences to help students practice forming sentences.

Using cut and paste sentences

Cut and paste sentences have been a student favorite in my past classrooms.

Students look at them as a puzzle. I love that it gives them practice with reading, forming sentences, and fine motor skills.

The first step is to have students cut apart the sentences. This will take some children longer than others but I feel that it is important practice.

Next, have students read each word.

Then, they work to form a sentence with the words.

You can give them hints to help such as knowing that the sentence will begin with a capital letter. The sentences also ends with a punctuation mark.

Once students have formed their sentence, they will glue them together.

Afte this, they will practice reading the sentence aloud to work on fluency.

Finally, they will illustrate the sentence.

These are the unscrambled sentences:

  1. Is it sunny outside?
  2. The sky is dark.
  3. Look at the colorful rainbow!
  4. The chilly rain is falling.
  5. I see three fluffy snowflakes!
  6. The wind is blowing the leaves.
  7. The clouds look like cotton candy.
  8. The temperature is getting much colder.
  9. The air feels sticky and humid.
  10. To you see the lightning flashing above?

You can download these printable pages by clicking on the blue pencil below.

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