Weather Booklet

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This weather booklet will help your young readers with repetitive phrases and basic text.

Download this weather booklet to provide your students with practice reading about the weather.

Work on weather words and reading of repetitive text with this simple booklet.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

This weather booklet will help your young readers with repetitive phrases and basic text.

Introducing Weather

Weather is a great topic for young scientists. It is something they can observe and interact with on a daily basis.

You can begin by encouraging your students to record their observations. Next, they might make predictions.

Try incorporating observational drawings – where students simply sketch what they see. This is a great skill for scientists to develop!

You can also work to introduce new weather related words. You can use this Weather Word List to help you get started.

Help your students learn one or two weather words each day during your study.

Free I Can Weather Booklet for young scientists

This Weather Booklet

This booklet is designed to be printed front to back.

After printing, cut the pages in half.

Next, stack the pages and staple with two staples on the left.

Students will find repetitive pages where they can read about the weather. Most pages contain a direction for students to follow such as color the rain cloud.

Along with reading, you can also have children do searches. For example, you might have students underline the weather word in blue.

When you complete your weather study, this booklet can be added to students’ book baskets so that they can have a new familiar text for silent reading.

You can download this free weather booklet here:

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