Short Vowel Punch Cards

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Download these short vowel punch cards for your child’s phonics practice.

Download these short vowel punch cards for your child's phonics practice.

This is another free resource from

This free set of short vowel punch cards will give your children practice with phonics skills.

One goal I have is to create resources that are engaging for children. Phonics instruction can often be boring for children so adding in a little bit of fun is important.

This collection is a great way to weave a little bit of fine motor work into phonics practice.

These pages will not teach but are designed for practice and review of phonics sounds. Be sure to begin by working with children as a class or small group.

Download these short vowel punch cards for your child's phonics practice.

The action of using a hole punch is great way to help children strengthen their hand muscles.

Students love pulling out and using new tools so this will be a fun way to sneak in multiple skills in one activity.

Be sure to offer a variety of hole punches. This will allow children to practice different grips to develop their hand muscles.

These Short Vowel Punch Cards

  • This new set of printables contains a total of 40 cards for practice.
  • To create the cards, you will begin by printing the pages.
  • Next, cut apart the cards.
  • Create your word work center by putting the cut out cards in a basket.
  • Supply students with a range of punchers. You can use a standard hole punch but can also provide others. Children especially love different shapes.

You can download this set of phonics pages here:

Phonics Download

Do you have students who find this activity too easy? Challenge these children by having them make cards for others to use for practice.

Looking for other short vowel work for your children? Try these free resources:

CVC Cut and Paste Image

Thank you to Marcelle’s KG Zone and Hidesy’s Clip Art.

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