Parts of Speech Anchor Charts (4th – 6th Grades)

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These parts of speech anchor charts have been created to fit 4th, 5th and 6th grade language arts standards.

Download this set of parts of speech anchor charts to provide your students with a handy resource.

You will find different versions of this chart so you can choose the one that fits your students best.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Working on English skills

Teaching English and grammar in the classroom can be a challenge because often students do not find it engaging.

Even though it can be hard, it is so important to find ways to pull students into this learning.

It requires a lot of trial and error to find ideas that fit your students best.

Even older kids can benefit from ideas that incorporate movement. You might send students on a hunt in your classroom for words in print to fit each category of words you are practicing.

Maybe some students would benefit from writing a song about identifying parts of speech.

Getting creative will pay off in the end!

These parts of speech anchor charts

I have created a few different options so you can choose the page or pages that are best for your students.

First, there are black and white versions. One has been completed. You might also choose to use the version where students share examples or even examples and definitions.

The next two are a little more colorful. They will take more ink but could also be used for poster-sized printing.

If you want a little color but feel that it is easier to read the black font, you can go with the last two options.

The following parts of speech are included:

  • noun
  • pronoun
  • verb
  • adverb
  • adjective
  • preposition
  • conjunction
  • interjection
  • article

You can download these free pages by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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  1. Cynthia G Brush-Pires

    Hi there,
    I am on your list and I received your email regarding Parts of Speech Anchor Charts. It says I can download for free by clicking on the blue pencil. There is no blue pencil and nothing I click on seems to work. I would really like to have them for my students.
    Thank you for your time. ~Cynthia

  2. Hi, Cynthia! Do you have anything directly below the pink box with the wording? It is possible you need to log into Grow by Mediavine or sign up for Grow if you have not. This is just a way for me to protect the files and make sure only site users are able to download them. There is no fee and I don’t share any of your info ever.

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