Greek Gods & Goddesses Booklet

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This Greek Gods & Goddesses booklet will give children a quick glimpse at a selection of gods.

Students can use this Greek gods and goddesses booklet to begin exploring Greek mythology.

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Studying Greek Mythology

I have found that my students love Greek mythology. It is probably the easiest focus to teach because everything we do is engaging for my students.

I have a few students who need different ways of learning about the Greek gods as we study mythology this year. I am sharing what I created for them.

This booklet was created with one of these students in mind. This might meet the needs of some of your students as well.

For my student, I will be printing this as a booklet. I will then staple the pages together.

Depending on your students, you might use just one or multiple pages. I realize that some students might enjoy these pages because they enjoy coloring. The clip art I used is perfect for students who find coloring relaxing and can be a good way for others to practice fine motor skills.

Greek Gods & Goddesses Booklet

This booklet contains the following gods and goddesses. Beside each name you will find the words that will complete each fill-in on the page.

Artemis: Goddess of hunting, moon goddess, twin sister of Apollo,

Athena: Goddess of knowledge, has a shield and a helmet

Chiron: upper body of a human, legs of a horse, teacher

Chronos: father of time, ancient Greece, Titan Cronus, father of Zeus, scythe

Dionysus: father of celebration, people would celebrate with music

Hades: ruler of the underworld, enforcing the rules

Hera: Hera is the queen of the gods, married to Zeus, Mount Olympus, can get jealous

Poseidon: god of the sea, holds a big trident, controls the oceans

Zeus: god of lightning, king of the gods in ancient Greece, lives on Mount Olympus, uses his lightning bolt when he is angry

You can download this free file by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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