Spooky scrambled sentences

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Use these spooky scrambled sentences to add a little spookiness to your reading centers.

Spooky scrambled sentences can be a fun way for students to practice forming more complex sentences.

These are another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from www.freewordwork.com.

Use these spooky scrambled sentences to add a little spookiness to your reading centers.

Using this reading center

I like to print each sentence on a different color of cardstock. I then laminate the pages and cut apart the words. This makes for easy sorting!

Students choose a sentence. They then work to put all of the words in a sentence that makes sense.

You can have them check with a friend or take a picture for you to check later.

I do find that some sentences require working with the students. These definitely provide a challenge for all reading abilities! Often students will work in pairs or small groups.

Spooky scrambled sentences

You will find the following sentences for students to unscramble:

  • The ghostly figure sent shivers down spines as it entered through the creaky old door.
  • A shadowy figure slowly emerged from the mist in the eerie moonlight.
  • Mysterious whispers echoed from the haunted mansion’s attic amidst the darkness.
  • Through the fog, the ancient cemetery revealed forgotten tombstones and secrets.
  • Beneath the full moon, the graveyard seemed alive with ghostly apparitions.
  • The haunted forest concealed its chilling secrets.
  • With a flicker, the lantern revealed the ghostly face in the mirror.
  • Hidden in the shadows, a pair of glowing eyes watched their every move.
  • Amidst the silence the rusty gate creaked open by itself.

You can download this free center by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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