Alphabet Animals Coloring Book

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This whimsical alphabet animals coloring book will be a fun addition to your ABC practice.

This whimsical alphabet animals coloring book will be a fun addition to your abc practice.

This is another free resource for teachers and families from

Download your copy of this free whimsical alphabet animals coloring book at the bottom of this post.

I’m always looking for new ways to make letter practice fun for young children. When I stumbled upon this whimsical letters of the alphabet clip art, I thought it would be perfect for a new little booklet.

I added some fun alphabet borders and a little wording to design these pages.

These will be a fun activity for your preschool, prekindergarten or kindergarten students. Maybe they can be a fun break for your children.

Getting ready for paper and pencil work

Before children are expected to complete pencil and paper alphabet practice, it is good to begin by working with some concrete examples.

Maybe you will pull out the play-doh and have children form letters using clay. Other options could include tracing letters in rice or possibly tracing letters in shaving cream.

These hands-on activities get children excited about learning and make the learning feel like play.

This whimsical alphabet letters booklet

Although this new booklet I created is paper and pencil practice, my hope is that the alphabet animals make the work engaging for children.

This booklet can be printed on regular copy paper. After printing, you will want to cut the pages in half. Staple to create your booklet.

Each page has an ABC border. Children can identify the letter the animal starts with by coloring the letter on the border.

If you are looking for some creative alternatives to coloring with crayons, you might provide colored pencils.

Or, print on a heavier paper and provide students with watercolors to match the whimsical clip art. If you are using the watercolor option, just be sure to wait to staple the booklets together.

You can download this free ABC book for early learning here:

Letters Download

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Thank you to Dancing Crayon and KarafilmaS on etsy for the clip art.

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