Summer Maze Book

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This free summer maze book will provide a little fun for your children over the summer.

You can download this PDF and create your own summer maze book.

Your children will find a variety of mazes to complete, all with a summer theme.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

This free summer maze book will provide a little fun for your children over the summer.

Are mazes just for fun?

Of course, many children love mazes so it’s easy to look at them as something you are offering your children just to have fun.

However, there are benefits to having children work on completing mazes.

First of all, they provide fine motor practice. Children must work to keep their pencil within the lines. This can be a challenge for some but is helpful when you are working to help children build up those muscles.

Also, mazes provide problem solving practice. As mazes become more difficult, children are working to predict what will happen next. They are also trying out different scenarios in their head.

This free summer maze book

This download contains a total of 13 pages.

You will find a cover page in case you would like to make a book for your children.

Or, you can choose a few pages that might be high interest and let your students choose.

The mazes will become more difficult as students progress through the book.

Beyond using a pencil, students might like to try other writing utensils.

The different grips will provide practice with different grips. Plus, the fine motor work needed will vary between utensils. They can try markers, crayons, colored pencils and pens.

You can download this free summer maze book by clicking on the pencil below:

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