Sound Substitution – CVC Words

Add these free CVC sound substitution worksheets to your phoneme manipulation collection.

You can download a set of 8 free CVC sound substitution worksheets below.

These pages are designed to fit into your science of reading work as you are working on phoneme manipulation.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Add these free CVC sound substitution worksheets to your phoneme manipulation collection.

What is sound manipulation?

When working on phonemic awareness, students should experience work with manipulating sounds.

This is the ability to insert and delete sounds children encounter in words.

This specific set of practice pages focus on sound substitution.

Substitution is when children work to swap one sound for another.

Students begin with one word, swap a letter and then form a new word.

An example is when children are given the word cat and asked to switch the for an h. The word they will get is hat.

As you begin working with your children on this skill, I suggest providing hands on activities. Children often enjoy working with magnetic letters or other letter cards or blocks.

If this skill is appropriate for all of the readers in your classroom, you can introduce this skill as a whole class activity.

Continue working in small groups and one on one with children who need additional practice.

Free worksheets for sound substitution for CVC words

These sound substitution worksheets

This download contains 8 worksheets to provide practice.

These pages address only CVC words. This means that all words have the pattern of consonant, vowel, consonant.

You will find the following practice:

  • Substituting the beginning sound
  • Substituting the middle sound
  • Substituting the end sound
  • Substituting mixed sounds
  • Color in the circle to show the new letter
  • Substitute and write the word
  • Substitute and draw the word

The pages progress from basic to more complex.

You can download this free phonics set here:

Word Work Download

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