Silent Letters Cut & Paste

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Download this set of free silent letters cut & paste worksheets to provide your children with practice recognizing silent letters.

These silent letters cut & paste worksheets will help your children with silent letters.

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Working on Silent Letters

Silent letters can pose challenges to young readers.

As teachers, we are working help students practice with these words to build their understanding. We want readers to confidently identify and understand words containing silent letters.

As you work on this skill, help students explore various words where specific letters remain silent. By doing this, you are helping your children to become more proficient readers and spellers.

As they develop stronger phonics skills, we want our students to easily decipher new words they encounter with similar patterns.

About these silent letters cut & paste worksheets

This download contains six worksheets for students to use while working on silent letters.

These pages are designed to give students fine motor practice while working on phonics skills.

Students will cut out the letters or pictures at the bottom of the page and then glue them into the correct location on the page.

You can download these free worksheets by clicking on the blue pencil below:

You will find additional silent letter resources below:

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