Letter N Worksheets

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Download this free set of 16 Letter N Worksheets for letter n practice in your classroom or homeschool.

This download contains 16 letter n worksheets for students to use when learning about letters and letter sounds.

As you are working on isolated letter sounds, it’s always helpful to have an assortment of worksheets that will fit with your classroom activities.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from www.freewordwork.com.

Introducing letters and letter sounds

As you are working on introducing letters and letter sounds, it is helpful to provide your students with a variety of activities that are hands-on and engaging.

Think of ways that you can make the learning of each letter fun.

Maybe you can begin by spraying shaving cream on tabletops. Have your children practice tracing the focus letter with their finger. This also works well in an art box filled with sand.

Another tactile idea is to have students build letter shapes using LEGOs or other blocks.

You can have children go on a letter hunt around the classroom or the school.

List of words that start with the letter n

I’ve created a list of words that start with n for you to use:

  • nail
  • name
  • nap
  • necklace
  • needle
  • neighbor
  • nephew
  • nervous
  • nest
  • new
  • next
  • nickel
  • night
  • nine
  • no
  • noise
  • north
  • nose
  • note
  • notebook
  • noun
  • now
  • number
  • nurse
  • nut

About these letter N worksheets

This download contains 16 worksheets.

These pages will your students practice with the letter n.

The following pages are included in this alphabet download:

  • Blank capital letter N
  • Blank lowercase letter n
  • Nn blank letter
  • Capital N maze
  • Lowercase n maze
  • N maze
  • Patterned N and n
  • Dinosaur N and n
  • Unicorn N and n
  • Letter n worksheets that include tracing and identifying words starting with n
  • Dab it! page with N and n

You can download this free letter set here:

Letters Download

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