Intermediate Words of the Week Booklets

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This download contains intermediate words of the week booklets for students working on expanding their vocabulary.

These intermediate words of the week booklets are designed to build vocabulary practice into your classroom.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families.

About these booklets

These booklets include the following activities:

  • Sentence fill-ins
  • Use words and pictures to define each word
  • Find the hidden words (This one is just for fun! I had a group of students who loved wordsearches as a break this year – there is no academic value to this one so allow students to skip it if they desire!)
  • List a synonym and antonym for each word
  • Identify the number of syllables
  • Use each word in a sentence
  • Trace and write each word in cursive

There are a total of 16 booklets. Each of the booklets contains 4 words.

The following words are included:

  • abrasive
  • bamboozle
  • empathy
  • reliable
  • abruptly
  • boisterous
  • glimpse
  • receive
  • abundance
  • appease
  • erroneous
  • peculiar
  • acquaintance
  • anecdote
  • copious
  • imperative
  • adjacent
  • desolate
  • frugal
  • livid
  • allege
  • famished
  • illusion
  • proceed
  • advocate
  • feasible
  • legible
  • spacious
  • aggravate
  • candor
  • gullible
  • omitted
  • authentic
  • catastrophe
  • flammable
  • punctual
  • adversary
  • feign
  • ingenious
  • query
  • audacious
  • fiasco
  • jeopardize
  • surplus
  • anthology
  • horizontal
  • implausible
  • turmoil
  • ludicrous
  • recuperate
  • resilient
  • vertical
  • aloof
  • petulant
  • unanimous
  • zeal
  • amicable
  • verbatim
  • facade
  • marsupial
  • belligerent
  • insinuate
  • paramount
  • reminisce

You can download these booklets by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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    Thank you so much for sharing them froward. I am excited to get them set for the year to come. ( I do always struggle to find nice ELA materials for my SPED Middleschoolers)


    Have a happy summer~ ( enjoy the kitten!)

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