Homophone Word Lists

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Download these free homophone word lists to help you when planning for homophone practice in the classroom.

These homophone word lists are another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from www.freewordwork.com.

Homophone word lists

These printable word lists are designed to help you in your planning and teaching.

What are homophones?

Homophones are words that sound the same. They are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Examples are the words which and witch or eight and ate.

Homophones can be a challenge for students. They require repeated practice and memorization.

I have created three word lists for you to use.

I tried to include the most common homophone sets in the first list so you would have a good list to start with. The second has slightly more challenging words and the third are a little more challenging.

Homophone List #1

ad / add

hour / our

ate / eight

aunt / ant

be / bee

brake / break

by / buy

cent / scent / sent

for / four

here / hear

I / eye

know / no

one / won

red / read

right / write

there / their / they’re

to / too / two

weak / week

weather /wheather

where / wear

which / witch

your / you’re

Homophone List #2

allowed / aloud

blew / blue

berry / bury

board / bored

close / clothes

flew / flu

flour / flower

great / grate

hall / haul

hole / whole

jean / gene

knot / not

meet / meat

pair / pear

red / read

see / sea

stare / stair

threw / through

waist / waste

where / wear

which / witch

your / you’re

Homophone Word List #3

bear / bare

dense / dents

foul / fowl

graham / gram

Greece / grease

heard / herd

hire / higher

hoarse / horse

I’ll / aisle / isle

ladder / latter

leased / least

maid / made

main / mane

morning / mourning

pause / paws

peace / piece

road / rode

rose / rows

son / sun

steak / stake

tied / tide

vary / very

Download the printable lists by clicking on the pencil below:

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