Commonly Confused Words Match

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This commonly confused words match is made to give your students practice choosing the correct word.

Use this center to give your students practice choosing the correct word in their writing.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Creating your commonly confused words match

This download contains one set with a blank line and a second set with the correct word in the spot for easy checking.

To create your center, you will want to print the cards on heavy cardstock. I like to use colorful cardstock. I printed the sentences on one color and the words on another color.

Next, I laminate the pages and cut apart the cards.

You can use this activity however it fits best into your classroom.

You might post the sentences around the room and have students find the match.

Or, you can place the cards at a center and have students match the cards.

The words included are:

  • affect
  • effect
  • advice
  • advise
  • already
  • all ready
  • awhile
  • a while
  • all right
  • lay
  • lie
  • fewer
  • less
  • saw
  • seen
  • set
  • sit
  • addition
  • edition
  • collarate
  • corroborate
  • formally
  • formerly
  • forth
  • fourth
  • loose
  • lose
  • stationary
  • stationery
  • wander
  • wonder
  • passed
  • past
  • farther
  • further
  • who
  • whom
  • then
  • tahn
  • complement
  • compliment

You can download this activity by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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