Astronaut Scrambled Sentences

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These astronaut scrambled sentences have been created to fit into your space study.

You can download these free astronaut scrambled sentences for your focus on space.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

These astronaut scrambled sentences have been created to fit into your space study.

Creating your astronaut scrambled sentences

I like to print my sentences on colorful card stock. I print each sentence on a different color so that it is easy to sort when they get mixed up.

After printing, I laminate the sentences and then cut them apart.

I put them in a container together and place the collection at a center.

I don’t often have my students write down the sentences. They create the sentences and ask a friend to check them.

You will find these sentences in the download:

1.Astronauts undergo rigorous training to prepare for space missions.

2.Do you know how long astronauts typically stay on the International Space Station?

3.The first American woman in space was Sally Ride in 1983.

4.The Apollo program was designed to land astronauts on the moon.

5.Experiments conducted by astronauts in space help us learn about life on Earth.

6.NASA is currently working on plans to send humans to Mars.

7. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first person to orbit the Earth in 1961.

8.Astronauts wear special spacesuits to protect them in the vacuum of space.

9.How do astronauts deal with the physical effects of being in space for extended periods?

10.The space shuttle program launched 135 missions between 1981 and 2011.

You can download these sentences by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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