Rome Scrambled Sentences

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These Rome scrambled sentences are designed to incorporate language practice with your social studies.

These Rome scrambled sentences are designed to provide language practice along with teaching students facts about Rome.

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These Rome scrambled sentences

  • Legend says that Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 CE.
  • Rome had been ruled by kings for over 240 years when Tarquin the Proud (the seventh king) was expelled.
  • Spartacus was a mercenary who deserted the Roman army and was sold into slavery.
  • Julius Caesar was popular with the Roman people but not with the senators.
  • Emperor Titus is thought to have been a good ruler who helped many people.
  • Circus Maximus was the first and biggest stadium in Ancient Rome.
  • Most people in Ancient Rome wore tunics but wealthy Romans wore togas.
  • Rome was the first city in the world to reach 1,000,000 inhabitants.
  • Appian Way was the world’s first major paved road.
  • During Pax Romana, the Roman Empire was at almost total peace.

Creating your activity

To create this activity, begin by printing your sentences on card stock. I like to use a different color for each sentence. This makes sorting the sentences when they get mixed up easier.

Next, laminate the pages and then cut them apart.

To complete the activity, students will work to use all of the words to create a sentence that makes sense.

You can download this set by clicking on the blue pencil below:

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