Rhyming Word Paths

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These reading mazes: rhyming word paths are designed to give your students practice with finding rhyming words.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from www.freewordwork.com.

These phonics mazes: rhyming word paths will be a fun addition to your word family resources.

I am continuing to add more maze related activities. This new set helps children find and read rhyming words.

Children think of mazes as a type of game so adding a maze to your word work can make it seem like more fun than work!

This specific set of phonics mazes focuses on simple rhyming words or word families.

These reading mazes: rhyming word paths are designed to give your students practice with finding rhyming words.

What are rhyming words?

Rhyming words are words that have the same ending sound. For beginning readers, the rhyming words you will work on will be simple, one syllable words.

For example, words like cat and hat are common words that students can easily recognize as rhyming. Children might also make nonsense words when rhyming. This is ok, at this point you are working on having them recognize the common sound at the end!

As students develop their phonics schools work on words beginning with digraphs, blends and trigraphs. Then you might move onto two or three syllable words.

About these Rhyming Word Paths

There are a total of 12 pages for students to use when practicing their phonics skills. The mazes are provided in two formats.

The first set contains words. There are ten pages each with its own word family. The word family is identified by the picture at the top and bottom of the maze.

The next two pages are made using pictures.

To complete the task, students will start at the cat picture and color the first square. Children will then find the path by coloring the word family words. Their goal is to reach the end of the maze.

Students simply need a crayon, colored pencil or marker to play.

Download these free Phonics Mazes: Rhyming Word Paths here:

Printable Worksheets

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Thank you to the Marcelle’s KG Zone & Kinka Art for the clip art!

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