Letter G Worksheets

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You will be able to download a free set of Letter G Worksheets for your children to use when working on learning each letter of the alphabet.

This download contains 16 letter g worksheets for you to add to your letter practice in the classroom. You can use these pages when you are teaching isolated letters in your classroom.

These will be a great help when you are working on individual letters with your students.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from www.freewordwork.com.

How to practice letters and letter sounds

As you are working to help your students master letters and letter sounds, it is important to engage them in hands-on practice.

You might start by asking your children to trace a letter in an art box filled with sand or on a desktop covered in shaving cream. (Bonus – this is also a great way to clean messy desktops!)

Children can also work on finding the letter g in a basket of letter tiles or alphabet magnets.

You can have students build the letter g using LEGOs or other blocks. Maybe turn this into a morning entry activity or a literacy center.

Next, have students go on a hunt in your classroom. They can search for the letter g in print. You could also have them find objects that begin with or contain the sound.

(*As you work on words beginning with the letter g, make sure you help students see the difference between hard g and soft g words. Will they work on both at once or one set at a time?)

Words that start with g

Here is a list of words that begin with the letter g:

  • game
  • gap
  • garden
  • garlic
  • gate
  • get
  • gift
  • girl
  • give
  • glass
  • globe
  • gloves
  • glue
  • go
  • goal
  • goat
  • gold
  • good
  • goose
  • gorilla
  • grapes
  • grass
  • grasshopper
  • great
  • green
  • grouchy
  • guitar
  • gum

About these letter g worksheets

This download contains 16 worksheets.

These pages will give your students practice with the letter g.

You will find the following pages in this alphabet download:

  • Blank capital letter G
  • Blank lowercase letter g
  • Gg blank letter
  • Capital G maze
  • Lowercase g maze
  • G maze
  • Patterned G and g
  • Dinosaur G and g
  • Unicorn G and g
  • Letter g worksheets that include tracing and identifying words starting with g
  • Dab it! page with G and g

You can download this free letter set here:

Letters Download

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