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Your child can work on spelling short o words with this free CVC words digital resource.

Your child can work on spelling short o words with this free CVC words digital resource.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Working on spelling short o words? Download this free beach-themed resource with sand bucket letters to help students practice their spelling skills. These words will all be CVC words.

Your children can use this digital practice for working on spelling words. This is perfect for children learning at home or teachers looking for practice that can be done virtually or at a technology center.

Your child can work on spelling short o words with this free CVC words digital resource.

The game you will download below gives practice with short o CVC words. For example, words such as pot, jog, hot, top, pot and dot are included.

These collection of short o words are good beginning spelling words. The reader is able to sound out and hear each individual sound.

This digital practice is being shared in two formats. You will be able to download this free resource as either a PowerPoint or can access the Google Slides version.

Using this spelling short o CVC words resource

Each slide in this game contains a picture of a word containing a short o sound. There are also eight assorted lowercase letters to the right.

To play the game, children will click on the buckets with letters on them and then drag them to the boxes.

Once the letters have been placed in the boxes, your students can drag the sun to the side. The correct spelling is hidden under the sun. This makes the game self checking.

Maybe you would not like the answer available to students. You will be able to simply delete the spelling of the word and the sun image.

Because the pieces in the game are movable, I suggest saving an original copy before letting students begin working. This way, you will have a fresh version once students have moved the pieces.

You can download this free CVC game here:

PowerPoint Version

Access the Google Slides version here: Google Slides Game

*You will not need to request access in order to be able to use the Google Slides version. Instead, simply save the document to your own Google Drive.

Looking for the other games? You will find them here:

Thank you to Marcelle’s KG Zone & Whimsy Clips for the clip art.

Thank you for visiting! All of the resources provided are free for classroom and home use. Resources may not be sold or modified and sold. Please send me a message if you have any questions.

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