CVC Worksheets

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These free, printable CVC worksheets will give your students practice with short vowel words.

These free, printable CVC worksheets will give your students practice with short vowel words.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from

Grab these free, printable CVC worksheets to your phonics resources for you classroom. These pages include pictures to help students match words with meaning.

If you are looking to help your own child and new to phonics instruction, this is a good place to start. For those just beginning, CVC stands for consonant vowel consonant. These will be simple, one syllable words with a short vowel sound in the middle.

Practice with CVC Words

Looking for a way to practice these short vowel words before using paper and pencil? Encourage your children to go on a word hunt around the room. During a class meeting, work to make a list of all of the CVC words or objects you can find around your classroom.

This can also be done at home! During your next Zoom meeting, do a Zoom Around the Room game where you ask each child to find an object that is a CVC word.

Another idea is to give a child a CVC word, ask them to change a letter to create a different word. For example, you could say cat and the child could change the word to hat. You could say pat and a child could change the middle letter to create pet.

These free, printable CVC worksheets will give your students practice with short vowel words.

About These CVC Worksheets

This set contains 20 pages where students will work on completing CVC words with the middle sound.

These pages might fit into your kindergarten, first grade or even second grade word work practice.

It is always important to make sure the work you are providing for your students is meaningful, appropriate practice. You want to make your students think without providing frustration.

When creating these pages, my goal was to provide you with pages that will engage students. Many of the pages include mazes or other small activities to add a little fun for children.

The engagement piece can be especially helpful during a time of distance learning! Parents will appreciate the little extra these pages provide.

You can download this free set of CVC Worksheets here:

Practice Pages

Looking for another way for your children to practice CVC words? Try this free Short Vowel Boom Cards Game.

Thank you to Hidesy’s Clip art, Marcelle’s KG Zone and Kinka Art for the clip art used in creating these resources.

I will continue to add new free resources for teachers to this site. If you have any specific requests, please let me know!

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  1. Marena Granados

    Hi, I hope all is well. I am an online teacher. I was wondering if I can use your materials to teach my class.
    Thank You
    Marena Granados

  2. Hello! I love these free resources. Thank you very much!

    In case you want to make edits, I wanted to let you know that for the short vowel pages at the end that begin with a maze and show short vowel words…each page for the maze gives the directions “Start at the a…” when it should say whatever short vowel is being practiced for that page. It’s not a big deal at all to scratch out the a and write the correct letter before making copies, but in case you would want to know, I thought I would share. 🙂

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