Christmas Activity Booklet

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Download this free Christmas activity booklet to help entertain your children over the holidays.

I created this Christmas activity booklet for children to use during my daughter’s Christmas dance recital.

You will find a variety of pages to help keep your children entertained. Because of the Christmas theme, this is designed for home and not classroom use.

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About this Christmas activity booklet

My daughter has her Christmas dance recital next weekend. She will have two dress rehearsals and two recitals – with lots of wait time in between her dances!

I wanted to put together a small booklet she can put in her backpack for those down times. I plan on adding some twistable colored pencils – definitely not markers that could stain the costumes!

I’m also going to add a few extras to her bag so she can share. After I made the one filled with mazes, coloring pages and other word games, she requested a booklet of just blank pages for drawing. I’ll include the download for that one as well.

This booklet has a variety of activities to help entertain your children.

Creating your booklets

This booklet is designed to be printed front to back. You will need a total of 6 pages for printing.

Once you have printed your booklet, cut the pages in half. I like to use my paper cutter to get straight lines but obviously scissors would work as well.

Stack the bottom half behind the front half and staple. I use two or three staples on the left side.

You can download your free booklet by clicking on the blue pencil below:

You can download the booklet with blank pages for drawing here: Christmas Drawing Booklet.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Activity Booklet”

  1. I love the option of blank pages. I have students on my caseload who love to ‘write books’ and this is great!
    This is also a neat idea for giving a writing prompt and then seeing where they go with it.
    Thanks for your great ideas!

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