Blend Word Sort

This free blend word sort can become a word work center during your literacy rotations in your classrooms.

This free blend word sort can become a word work center during your literacy rotations in your classrooms.

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Add this blend word sort to your classroom collection of resources for word work time.

This literacy center will provide your children with practice categorizing words containing blends. The blends included are: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, spl, spr, st, str, sw, tr and tw.

This set can be a great resource for teaching blends in kindergarten, first and second grades.

What is a word sort?

If you are new to word work instruction, one type of activity students will often participate in is referred to as a word sort.

During a word sort, students are given a list of words or set of word cards. They are then asked to sort the words into categories.

You might choose to have children work on an open word sort where they create their own categories. Another option is a closed word sort where children are given specific categories.

You are encouraging children to look for patterns in the words. They are building background knowledge for when they encounter similar words in their future reading.

Word sorts are often used when children are building their reading skills but can also be used in other areas of instruction. For example, children can be given a set of cards containing states and cities and then sort them.

You can complete word sorts in your classroom as whole group instruction, during center work with small groups or independently.

This free blend word sort can become a word work center during your literacy rotations in your classrooms.

Blend Word Sort

This literacy center contains 168 word cards. You will find a range of words that will meet the needs of different levels of readers.

The range of words has been provided so you can adapt this center to fit the needs of your readers. Also, the center will be able to grow with your students simply by switching out words.

There is also a blank page of cards so you can add words specific to your class and instruction. You might differentiate this center by having some kids sort the words and others work to add words to the center.

You can provide students with the category labels that name the blends included. Or, you can ask them to create their own.

You will not provide your students with all 168 cards during a sort. Make sure you provide them with a manageable amount of cards. This might be between 14 and 20 words depending on your students. As students strengthen their skills, you might increase the number of words you provide.

The word cards are provided with a colorful striped background along with plain white to help you conserve ink.

There are an assortment of recording pages if you would like your children to record the words after sorting.

You can download this free Blend Word Sort here:

Word Work Center

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